If you want to join an exciting, growing company that combines a stimulating and challenging atmosphere (with a healthy dose of fun) we want to hear from you!


Dun & Bradstreet is on the lookout for exceptional interns in all areas to join a dynamic company that combines a storied history with the energizing nature of our Malibu office.

We seek people who are passionate about their work (and passionate about their play) focused on what they do best yet open to exploring new skill-sets and as part of a collaborative team of problem-solvers.

To get the real scoop on life & culture at Dun & Bradstreet, take a look at this list of fun facts.

  • Our Malibu office is so long that we use scooters to get from one end to the other (or just to go in circles). 
  • The Ping-Pong table in our Malibu office has been the scene of some of the most competitive games in the history of the sport (this may be a small exaggeration).  Those working are asked to “keep it down” so players can focus on their game.
  • Our Malibu office has a “Failure Wall” where employees can write about and publicly share their biggest mistakes. The more often you write, the more success you’re contributing to…seriously.
  • We periodically have a “hack day” for our developers, with top prizes including a cash prize and a free helicopter ride.   If you are a developer and in need of a free helicopter ride, apply here!
  • With a Malibu headquarters full of surfboards and a view of some of the most beautiful surfing locations in Southern California, there isn’t a single surfer in our office.  So if you surf and live in Southern California, send us your resume – and your surf board. 
Web developer Paul Servino and guest reaping hackday rewards
Don’t just stand there…pack your beach bag!