Keep the conversation going…revisiting #sbaEweek

fssi tweet

So many good conversations happened during the #sbaEweek chat on Twitter. It was a great opportunity to connect with the SBA and hundreds of people interested and participating in the #smallbiz world. After giving a couple questions a second look, we’ve decided to provide a couple insights of our own. David Shorten asked… If you’re […]

How Much Can Twitter Boosts Customer Acquisition and Engagement?


It can be hard to determine which social media platforms you should use. In most cases, attracting an engaged following is not an easy task, and keeping it can be even more difficult, since there’s no point in which you can put it on autopilot and expect good results. However, here’s a reason to be […]

SEC Rules Social Media A-Ok

Reed Hasting FB Update

There’s a new way to legally release announcements – social media. The Securities and Exchange Commission ruled on Tuesday, April 2nd, that so long as investors are made aware of where and how such data will be released, social media platforms are acceptable. Why this became an issue originated last year when Netflix’s CEO Reed […]

Insight One20 Takeaways: Transformation Complete


Insight One20 was just as advertised: INSIGHTFUL!  The day began with a serious bang when Seth Godin took the mainstage and endless tweets echoed his enthusiastic tone. Stationed front and center at our Dun & Bradstreet Credibility booth, Catherine Mangan and I were lucky enough to engage with just about every attendee circling with a smile on their face, […]

Forming Lasting Relationships with Customers

Many businesses are utilizing traditional customer relationship management (CRM) processes to manage business contacts and clients in an organized way. According to a 2011 Computer Economics study of North American companies (produced in June of 2012), 51% have invested in CRM tools.  It’s great that companies are interested and investing in these systems, but not many are […]

How to Take On the Holidays Fully Prepared

christmas ornament

‘Tis the season to start preparing your business for all of your holiday customers and the hustle and bustle that comes with this joyful time of year. As optimism in sales is rising this holiday season, small businesses anticipate business to be at its busiest, whether customers are buying online or in stores. According to […]

Chris Sacca – Top 10 Takeaways

Chris Sacca

Recently, we attended a PandoMonthly Fireside Chat where PandoDaily Founder and Editor-in-chief, Sarah Lacy caught up with Lowercase Capital’s Chris Sacca. We, among many other LA entrepreneurs and startup gazers, were literally on the edge of our seats. Lacy was able to run Sacca all the way through the gamut, not entirely unexpected from one of […]

Instagram for the Web: 5 Ways it Could Benefit Your Business

bring your dog to work day

There are rumors afloat that Instagram, the popular photo-sharing phone app, may have a web presence in the works. What it might look like is complete conjecture at this point, as are the implications it may have for small business owners. Using vague rumors and personal projections (outside-the-box is king), I delved into how an […]

That About Summits it Up: 5 Great Takeaways from Scott Case

Scott Case

This month, we got to spend a little time in the Big Apple: The only city where everyone can be packed into one place like sardines and still mind their own business. In a town where people are known for being blunt, unequivocal and packing energy like that of a fiercely shaken Red-Bull can, we […]

Small Business Owners: Top 50 Twitter Influencers Worth Following

wsj featured story

Last June, we published a list of  The Most Influential Small Business People on Twitter that went crazy viral (more, more, more, more…) and with 195 subscribers to the twitter list, it’s clear that business owners are interested in filtering through the noise in order to connect with the right people and get the most out […]


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