Patrick Llewellyn – Top 10 Takeaways “Uncens*red”

Patrick Llewelyn

Patrick Llewellyn wrestles crocodiles, loves putting ‘shrimp on the barbie’, and doesn’t let haters hate (one of these things is true). As President and CEO of 99designs, Llewellyn made for a spunky ‘Ozzie’ interview quite worthy of DocStoc‘s 35th Startups Uncensored. We got to catch up with some of our favorite #SBflock friends (DocStoc, Digital […]

Box CEO Aaron Levie — Top 5 Takeaways from Startups Uncensored

box ceo aaron levie

As has become a ritual for much of the Silicon Beach community, I headed out to Jason Nazar’s latest Startups Uncensored last night and surprised myself by just how many great insights I took away from his guest, Box CEO Aaron Levie. To get an idea of his impact, Aaron co-founded at 19 years […]

Councilman Eric Garcetti: Top 10 Takeaways “Uncensored”

Eric Garcetti

41 days. 41 Days until the Los Angeles City Primary Nominating Election. Mark it, Dude. Last night we all reconvened in Silicon Beach’s town hall, aka Docstoc’s first Startups Uncensored of 2013, #33. Jason Nazar got political on us this month – and we liked it. Councilman Eric Garcetti took a road trip from home in Silverlake […]

Kara Swisher – Top 10 Takeaways “Uncensored”

Photo courtesy of Mike Monteiro

All Things D Co-Executive Editor Kara Swisher visited Santa Monica last week to take a quick dip in Silicon Beach for Docstoc‘s 32nd Startups Uncensored. Docstoc’s CEO and master of ceremonies Jason Nazar took the opportunity to wrangle interviewer into interviewee. Great success. Here are our top 10 takeaways: 10 “I’m starting at the top. Why not? I like the top. I […]

David Hornik – Top 10 Takeaways “Uncensored”

David Hornik

Renaissance man would be a less than generous label for David Hornik, currently a General Partner with August Capital, lecturer at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, and the creator and Executive Producer of The Lobby Conference (insert breath taking here). Docstoc’s Jason Nazar caught up with Hornik at his most recent Startups Uncensored and per usual, was able […]


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