Jeff Stibel Explains What Facebook is Up To


Perhaps I’m a bit biased, but I love this recent article our CEO Jeff Stibel wrote for the Harvard Business Review blog.  Entitled “The Logic Behind Facebook’s Recent Moves,” the post analyzes–among other things– Facebook’s recent purchase of WhatsApp using a concept he calls the “breakpoint,” the central idea in his book of the same name. There’s been some speculation that […]

Your New Year’s Resolution: Commit to Content


It’s that time of year again! With 2014 fast approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to sit down and make some New Year’s Resolutions; not only for yourself, but also for your business.  This year, there’s one goal that should be on every company’s list– to make the most of a marketer’s most powerful tool: […]

Mari Smith: Facebook Marketing Made Easy

Mari Smith

Welcome to our last Small Business Saturday podcast! We’ve really enjoyed sharing these retail tips with you, and we hope you’ll take full advantage of the advice given here to make the most of the holiday shopping season. We couldn’t have chosen a better last act: Mari Smith is a renowned social media strategist, speaker […]

4 Free Services Every Budget-Conscious Small Business Should Use


Any small business owner knows the phrase “money is tight” can be a huge understatement. Expensive software, consultants, permits, and a plethora of other things are all vying for a piece of a new firm’s small budget. Thankfully, many large companies offer incredibly useful services for free! These companies do so for a variety of […]

The Network Wisdom of Ants: Adapt or Wither

Screen Shot 2013-07-25 at 11.39.43 AM

It’s not everyday you receive a letter from an ant. I mean, besides that they’re incredibly tiny and the logistics involved in delivering their letter would be extremely hazardous, what would they be able to tell you that you didn’t already know? Well, here’s what they had to say to Mark Zuckerberg: Seems a bit […]

SEC Rules Social Media A-Ok

Reed Hasting FB Update

There’s a new way to legally release announcements – social media. The Securities and Exchange Commission ruled on Tuesday, April 2nd, that so long as investors are made aware of where and how such data will be released, social media platforms are acceptable. Why this became an issue originated last year when Netflix’s CEO Reed […]

Forming Lasting Relationships with Customers

Many businesses are utilizing traditional customer relationship management (CRM) processes to manage business contacts and clients in an organized way. According to a 2011 Computer Economics study of North American companies (produced in June of 2012), 51% have invested in CRM tools.  It’s great that companies are interested and investing in these systems, but not many are […]

Can You Generate Business Through the New Facebook Search?

Facebook Timeline Cover

Let’s start with the basics: What is Facebook Graph Search? In Zuckerberg’s words, Facebook Graph Search is the Third Pillar of Facebook (with the first two being the newsfeed and your timeline). The feature is designed to make much of the data we’ve already put into their database more accessible. If you think the “Graph” part […]

How to Take On the Holidays Fully Prepared

christmas ornament

‘Tis the season to start preparing your business for all of your holiday customers and the hustle and bustle that comes with this joyful time of year. As optimism in sales is rising this holiday season, small businesses anticipate business to be at its busiest, whether customers are buying online or in stores. According to […]

How to Get the Most Out of Small Business Saturday for Your Business

sb sat resource

Small Business Saturday is right around the corner, so we thought we’d share some of the great resources you can use to get the most traffic to your small business this holiday season! Last year, we hosted so many great interviews with Small Business experts like Derek Halpen, Kristi Hines, Mari Smith and so many […]


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