Maria Contreras-Sweet Confirmed as Administrator of SBA

White house

I was so excited in January when Maria Contreras-Sweet was nominated to lead the Small Business Administration and become a part of President Obama’s cabinet, but we still had a bit of waiting to do to see if she would be confirmed for the position.  Finally, I can stop waiting: on March 27, it was announced […]

7 Things Business Owners Must Know About The Affordable Care Act


The Affordable Care Act means change for businesses, but if you understand the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP), you’ll be able to assess the pros and cons for your business and avoid the stress. The Patient Protections and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) became law in March 2010.  The law requires state health insurance exchanges to set up […]

Jeff Stibel featured in Entrepreneur: Why Dabbling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur


It’s been a very busy month for Jeff Stibel and we’re excited to share a recent Entrepreneur post he was featured in: Why Dabbling Can Make You a Better Entrepreneur by Lisa Evans. The work-life balance is vital for entrepreneurs and business owners, and it’s great to see Jeff’s perspective on how dabbling in many different interest areas “can make you smarter […]

Looking at the Best Cities For Female Entrepreneurs


This year is shaping up to be a great year for women in business, starting with Obama’s nomination of Maria Contreras-Sweet as leader of the Small Business Administration in January. Now,, an online resource of tools to help visitors compare financials on everything from credit cards to student loans, recently conducted a study on the best cities for […]

January Sees Decrease in Both Hiring and Unemployment Rates

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The recent trend of decreased hiring rates have some fearing a slowing of the labor and market economic recovery. While many analysts have attributed December’s decrease in growth to the uncharacteristically cold weather prompted by the polar vortex, it is becoming clear that hiring overall is going down. The U.S. added fewer jobs in January, […]

Valentine’s Day: Business Style


If you’re like me, you plan to spend this Valentine’s Day in bed watching Netflix with a box of chocolates you bought for yourself.  But your business doesn’t have to do whatever is the business equivalent of lounging in bed in pajamas watching reruns just because your company doesn’t sell teddy bears or chocolate-covered strawberries. […]

Leveraging The Supply Program Coordinator Relationship

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Similar to the federally and state-sponsored supplier diversity programs, many large corporations have supply programs for small businesses. Walmart, Home Depot and Northrop Grumman are just a few of the big name corporations that have these supplier programs, which give small business owners the opportunity to boost business revenue with large, stable corporate contracts. Because […]

Are you willing to take the big risks your business needs?

Stubbed Out Cigarette

CVS announced Wednesday that they plan to stop selling cigarettes and tobacco products. While many Americans might like to believe that CVS is just blowing smoke, the drug store giant has decided to kick the habit by October 1, 2014. Their reasoning behind this bold move is the shift the company is manifesting towards branding […]

Why Does Your SER Rating Matter?


Supplier companies can be evaluated using an SER Rating, or Supplier Evaluation Risk rating. A bad SER Rating can affect your business prospects and make it difficult to be eligible for supplier programs, while a good SER score can open doors for your business to grow and expand.

Think Personal Ethics are Isolated from Business? Think Again

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The media is buzzing over the alleged extravagant gifts and spending sprees provided to former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen, in exchange for political access.  Reading about all of the reputation-busting spending former political figures have dabbled in has me thinking about the preservation of reputations, particularly for business owners. Though I […]


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