Ring it in

Dragon Head

There isn’t a thing superstitious about it. At the dawn of every new year, there is inevitably a rush to join the movement to pressure ourselves, our companies and our oh-so-familiar environments by inviting change and affluence for the future: THE RESOLUTION. Some fear the call, some scoff and some swear by it. Whether you […]

Interview: Skills for a Virtual Journalist

Photo courtesy of just.Luc

Yesterday, we tapped into mind share with Hector Diaz of Think Status. Accepting that our fate as social media enthusiasts will take effort, passion and long-term commitment, today we want to explore even further how new media is truly changing the way business is done. Shawn Harmsen is a PhD student at the School of Journalism […]

Social Media: Virtual Forecast from Think Status

Social Media Prism

Welcome back, everyone. Does the coffee smell a little bit more powerful? Is your broadband downloading a little bit more like greased lightening? Hold on to your Herman Millers, this is the future. There’s no time like 2012. Forget cloudy with a chance of meatballs. We’re talking predictions of mammoth proportions when it comes to […]


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