If you want to join an exciting, growing company that combines a stimulating and challenging atmosphere (with a healthy dose of fun) we want to hear from you!


Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp. is on the lookout for exceptional interns in all areas to join a dynamic company that combines a storied history with the energizing nature of a California-based Start-up.

We seek people who are passionate about their work (and passionate about their play) focused on what they do best yet open to exploring new skill-sets and as part of a collaborative team of problem-solvers.

To get the real scoop on life & culture at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp., take a look at this list of fun facts.

  • Our Malibu office is so long that we use scooters to get from one end to the other (or just to go in circles). 
  • The Ping-Pong table in our Malibu headquarters has been the scene of some of the most competitive games in the history of the sport (this may be a small exaggeration).  Those working are asked to “keep it down” so players can focus on their game.
  • Our Malibu office has a “Failure Wall” where employees can write about and publicly share their biggest mistakes. The more often you write, the more success you’re contributing to…seriously.
  • We periodically have a “hack day” for our developers, with top prizes including a cash prize and a free helicopter ride.   If you are a developer and in need of a free helicopter ride, apply here!
  • With a Malibu headquarters full of surfboards and a view of some of the most beautiful surfing locations in Southern California, there isn’t a single surfer in our office.  So if you surf and live in Southern California, send us your resume – and your surf board. 

Web developer Paul Servino and guest reaping hackday rewards

Don’t just stand there…pack your beach bag!