The Evolution of the Credit Reporter


Today’s business owners are on the go more than ever, and a majority manage parts of their businesses with mobile devices. We developed our mobile app, “CreditReporter,”  to give these business owners quick and easy access to the information they need most. The app uses the latest technology and is lightning fast. Among other features, […]

Can you be more productive with the right Mobile Apps?

business influncers

Can a mobile app make you more productive? You betcha! Knowing there’s a plethora of time-wasting mobile apps on the market, our team has been reaching out to experts from a variety of business fields to ask them what business apps they use and recommend for business owners. We ended up with way too many […]

10 “Must-Have” Business Apps

Paul Hawken at TechConKona

Aloha! One of my favorite parts of my work as heading up our social media and events team is talking with small business owners across the country. Yesterday, I not only got to talk with some incredible business owners at TechConKona, but got to do it on the Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii!  Such […]

Instagram for the Web: 5 Ways it Could Benefit Your Business

bring your dog to work day

There are rumors afloat that Instagram, the popular photo-sharing phone app, may have a web presence in the works. What it might look like is complete conjecture at this point, as are the implications it may have for small business owners. Using vague rumors and personal projections (outside-the-box is king), I delved into how an […]

Mobile Card Processors: Freedom to Charge Wherever You Are


Both Visa and MasterCard and some giant banks have been in the news recently regarding settlement of a lawsuit merchants levied against them in defiance of the percentage of purchase price plus fixed fee the companies charged, without allowing merchants to charge their own fees to offset their losses. The settlement will likely induce some […]

From Pictures to Promotions: 5 Ways Instagram can help your Business


Instagram is a free photo sharing application that can not only display the most beautiful photos, but it can also spread the word about your thriving business. With over 30 million users and over 100 million photographs, this application allows users to share their pictures via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram itself to reach an unparalleled […]

Small Businesses Using Apple iPads

The Business Journals recently conducted a study on the use of iPads in small businesses.  The findings indicated that the use of iPads in small businesses substantially increased from 9% in 2010 to 34% in 2011. According to Godfrey Phillips, Vice President of Research at The Business Journals, “Our research has shown that for small business […]

Business Apps for Updating and Monitoring Your Social Media Accounts


Being able to update social media while you’re away from a computer is a powerful ability that lets you interact with your social network wherever you are. If you’re at an event (say, BlogWorld LA as we will be next week!) you keep providing content, but you can also find out what everyone else is […]

Travel Apps that Make Business Travel Fun

business travel olgierd

Despite the wonders of internet communications, with conferences, meetings, and the need for “face time”, travel is still a regular part of life for many business owners.  So this week, we thought we’d take a look at some of our favorite mobile apps that make business travel that much more enjoyable. You might want to […]

Business Apps for Staying Organized & Getting Things Done

get things done kolazymonkey

Prioritizing your time to get things done is essential to any business. Thankfully, keeping yourself organized has become easier with the numerous mobile apps out there. You don’t have to carry around planner and notebook to know what you need to do, just your cell phone with an app or two. You might want to […]


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