Chris Sacca – Top 10 Takeaways

Recently, we attended a PandoMonthly Fireside Chat where PandoDaily Founder and Editor-in-chief, Sarah Lacy caught up with Lowercase Capital’s Chris Sacca. We, among many other LA entrepreneurs and startup gazers, were literally on the edge of our seats.

Lacy was able to run Sacca all the way through the gamut, not entirely unexpected from one of her interviews, but intermittently uncomfortable and arresting all at the same time. Sacca touched on everything from hijacking student loans to the metaphysical challenge that is Twitter. Thanks to ZEFR for hosting at their amazing Venice Beach digs. Here are our top 10 takeaways:


“Entrepreneurs usually hang around other entrepreneurs. They collect and that’s where the spark hits.”


“I used the checks to start a company and I told the school that the checks never showed up…and I got away with that for awhile.” – on student loans


“Go bigger tomorrow.”


“When it’s going right it’s because you’re lucky, and when it’s going wrong it’s because you [screwed] up somewhere.”


“[Silicon Valley] is a place where you can wear failure on your arm – but most people that say that have succeeded once.”


“I think the stories of bouncing back aren’t just the titans’ of business. I think they’re the people that get the credit for it.”


“I’m just a little irrational about some things I think.” – on not giving up


“One of the reasons why Google always failed with social problems was because they don’t understand the art problems.”


“The betrayal that you feel in Silicon Valley cuts deeper than any betrayal at the seventh grade dance.”


“I think calling it a dream is underestimating it – it’s nuts.” – on being an entrepreneur

Questions? Comments? Yawps?

Sad you missed this chat? Don’t miss another! Check out our events page for more small business events!

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