D&B Credibility Named a 2011 Small Business Influencer Champion

The entire D&B Credibility team wants to thank Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends for hosting the 2011 Small Business Influencer awards (and naming us a Champion!).

The awards were based on votes from both the small business community (that’s you!) and a group of some great judges:  Ramon Ray, Barry Moltz, Brent Leary, Edith Young, Joel Libava, Ivana Taylor, John Warrillow, Jim Blasingame, Rick Calvert.

While none of the judges were allowed to be nominated for an award, they’ve all done a great job being a resource to the small business community… with Anita Campbell leading the way by making our own list of most influential small business people on Twitter.

It can be a ton of work organizing an awards event, so really want to thank Anita Campbell and all the judges for their hard work!

About Dustin Luther

As Director of Engagement at Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp (@DandB), I manage our teams focused on social media and events and always looking for opportunities to engage with small business owners and influencers, both online and in-person! You can find me on Twitter (@tyr), Facebook (dluther) and Google+ (+Dustin Luther).

Do you have an interesting opportunity you'd like to get in front of the @DandB team? Maybe an interesting idea, product or story? Maybe an event that attracts small business experts? Let's talk!


  1. Bravo! Much warranted success!!

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